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Spaghetti Pasta Sicilia
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Spaghetti 100 % wheat...

Price €2.80

Original Spaghetti from Sicily, the Best producer near Mount Etna 

Spaghetti 100 % Sicily produced only with wheat from this island Sicily - the taste is very special and during cooking you can actually smell the grain perfumes in the kitchen. Very good consistency and your pasta dish is a really special one. 

Linguine Sicilia Pasta

Linguine 100 % only...

Price €2.80

Original Linguine from Sicily 

Linguine 100 % only wheat from Sicily - the taste and the odor is very special, a great pasta plate is guaranteed - 500 g - buy it directly with a good pasta sauce, maybe like the deer or wild boar sauce and you can make your perfect italian dinner. 

Rigatoni 100 % wheat from...

Rigatoni 100 % wheat...

Price €2.80

Rigatoni 100 %

wheat from Sicily for a very special plate

only the best wheat is used, fresh water from the mountain Etna ( Vulcano ) and experience to create this product. 


Fusilli 100 % wheat...

Price €2.80

Best Pasta from Sicily Fusilli 

Fusilli 100 % wheat from Sicily for a perfect plate and a special taste - this pasta is made with only the best fresh water from the mountain Etna (Vulcano ) and wheat from Sicily and a lot of experience. 

Gianduja Papa dei Boschi

Crema Gianduja...

Price €9.95

Crema Gianduja Nocciola IGP Piemont

Papa dei Boschi is for the breakfast a sweet creme that you never forget - it is so good, so intensive that you secure never had before - only the best products, like the IGP Nuts are used. Get this and you will never eat another breakfast creme. 

Tajarin Noodles Pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa
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Tajarin Noodles Pasta...

Price €5.50

Tajarin Noodles Pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa

very tasty fine pasta noodles from one of the best producers for egg noodles in Italy - Marco Giacosa - this pasta is perfect with a really strong intense sauce like wild boar or deer - get it directly in the shop with one of these sauces and you will have a perfect italian dinner with somebody

Pappardelle pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa

Pappardelle pasta...

Price €4.95

Pappardelle pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa

one of the best egg noodles producers from Italy Piemont - get this Pappardelle with a good duck sauce or the il Magnifico with Chianina and Cinta senese pig originally from the Tuscany, you will have a dinner and won't forget it. Trust me!

Paccheri 100 % wheat from Sicily

Paccheri 100 % wheat...

Price €2.80

Paccheri 100 % wheat from Sicily  

500 g - only made with 100 % wheat from Sicily, fresh water from the mountain Etna ( Vulcano ) and a lot of experience - get this pasta and just during cooking you will note the difference, the whole kitchen smells like this grain and then the taste and consistence is really extraordinary get it you will never buy another one... trust me 

Busiate Trapanese organic

Busiate Trapanese...

Price €4.95

Busiate Trapanese organic - Molini del Ponte 500 g 

only made with 100 % original wheat from Sicily - Filippo Drago from Castelvetrano are the producer and he know this things really good - his wheat mill works with the old stone mill and only the really old original different wheat species - the taste is very intense and perfect with a good sauce like La Norma or Ragu Nebrodi - but also with thuna and fish

Caserecce Pasta

Caserecce 100 %...

Price €2.80

Caserecce 100 %  wheat from Sicily 

the best wheat, fresh water from the mountain Etna ( vulcano ) and a lot of experience are in thes pasta - really a great product and after you tasted it one time, you will never buy another one, trust me...

Patè sundried tomatoes with black olives from Murgo

Patè sundried...

Price €6.95

Sundried tomatoes with black olives 

Its a really great perfect tasty starter creme for a good italian bread - try it also with a Spaghetti pasta, lightly warmed up and the pasta in the pan - you will like it - very excellent creme all without conservation products and additives.