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Il magnifico Ragu Chianina...

Il magnifico Ragu...

Price €7.95

Il magnifico Ragu Chianina and Cinta Senese Tuscany

and really it is the best one we ever tried, so intense and tasty. The sauce is perfect with the best pasta from the Piemont from Marco Giacosa like a Tajarin or a Pappardelle.

Taste it with a good redwine from Tuscany like the Leone Rosso or a perfect Rosso di Bisaccia Rosso Organic. 

Without conservation products or additives 

Ragu di Cervo 180 g  - Deer...

Ragu di Cervo 180 g...

Price €7.95

Ragu di Cervo 180 g Caccia e Corte Tuscany

homemade sauce with only the best and fresh ingredients - taste it with the perfect pasta from Piemonte Marco Giacosa like the Tajarin or the Pappardelle - and also with a good intense redwine from Italy - a perfect evening can start.

Get it and taste it, you will never be disappointed. Trust me. 

No conservation products or additives used ! 

Ragu di Anatra - Duck sauce...

Ragu di Anatra - Duck...

Price €7.95

Ragu di Anatra - Duck sauce Caccia e Corte Tuscany

who likes the original cusine from the Tuscany, here we are ! Get one of the best sauces ever, with a pasta noodles like Linguine or a egg noodle like Tajarin, get it and try one of the best sauces we ever sold. Trust me. I've been there in February and really a homemade producer, every day only little quantity, GREAT ! 

Without preservatives products or additives

Ragu di Fagiano 180 g...

Ragu di Fagiano 180 g...

Price €7.95

Ragu di Fagiano Pheasant sauce  Caccia e Corte Tuscany 

you want go back to the middle age, then you should taste this perfect homemade sauce from a family producer. I've been there in February and i can tell you, absolutly great, only a few glasses every day. Get it with a great italian wine, like a Rosso di Montepulciano or a Bolgheri Doc, and also a good intense Nero d'Avola from Sicily

Without preservatives products or additives

Sugo Malafemmena

Sugo Malafemmena -...

Price €6.95

Sugo Malafemmena - sauce with meat

a very intense pasta sauce, ready for eating - you must only heat up the sauce and put in the pasta that you already cooked. try it with a good parmesan cheese and a good glass of Nero d'Avola o Etna Rosso from Sicily - you will love it

Sugo Puttanesca

Sugo Puttanesca -...

Price €4.95

Sugo Puttanesca - Pastasauce from Siciliy  

really good tasty homemade sauce from Sicily with the best fresh ingredients - without products for conservation or additives. Only heat it up and put in the pasta you did cook already. A very good taste and try it with a fresh good italian cheese and if you want also a good glas of redwine from Sicily 

Ragu Nebrodi

Ragu Nebrodi -...

Price €10.00

Ragu Nebrodi - Pastasauce from the national park  Nebrodi Sicily 

it is a very intense and tasty noodle pasta sauce, thanks to the wild pig from the national park Nebrodi - the pigs are all outside in the wood and hills for about at least 24-26 month.

Only fresh and good ingredients are used to make this sauce, and all without conservation products and additives. For all people that loves italian food and italian pasta. 

Sugo con Salsiccia

Sugo Zà Sà - Sauce...

Price €7.95

Sugo Zà Sà - Sauce con Salsiccia - Sausage 

a pasta sauce perfect for the penne rigate or Rigatoni, with original sausage from Sicily - perfect products all fresh without protection and conservation stuff - or any additives only nature ! Heat it up and then put in the pasta, a good cheese and a good glass of wine  - and your perfect eventing with friends are ready 

Sugo Schiticchio

Schiticchio -...

Price €7.90

Schiticchio - homemade sauce with fresh tomatoes and thuna 280g

This sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, cappers, tuna, salt pepper and olive oil. Its so delicious and tasty, try it out with friends, get a god bottle of wine, like a Zibibbo and open it - you will be the friend of all guest, trust me. All made without conservation products and additives. 

Sugo Arrabbiato

Sugo Arrabbiato -...

Price €4.95

Sugo Arrabbiato - hot and spicy sauce from Sicily

who don't like this original homemade sauce with best tomatoes and chilli peppers - get it with a perfect Penne Rigate and open a perfect bottle of redwine, rose or white wine even what you prefer - your friends and guests are going mad - try it. Perfect Italian style.

Sugo Montanaro

Sauce Montanaro with...

Price €5.95

Sauce Montanaro with porcini mushrooms

who likes a tasty intense sauce with porcini mushrooms, try it with a really good Pappardelle or an perfect Rigatoni - Paccheri - open a good red wine from Sicily and cook for friends - you will have a perfect italian evening at home.

All made with fresh products and without conservation products and additives.