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Grillo Alcesti
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Grillo DOC 2021...

Price €7.90

Grillo DOC 2021 Alcesti - Organic Wine

from a little winery from Marsala - in the past the winery sold all the grapes to the big companys around, but the sun did decide, that he wants to fill the own wines in bottles, and this with success - since 2005 we know the winery and we can confirm that every year the wines are better.

Great company with organic wines and perfect prices

Zibibbo Alcesti Sizilien

Zibibbo DOC 2021...

Price €7.95

Zibibbo DOC 2021  Alcesti - Organic Wine

the Zibibbo grape is a really great variety from Sicily and also from Pantelleria  - also called Moscato di Alessandria - normaly for sweet wines but Alcesti are producing a dry version from this special full aromatic grapes - very intense profumes, flowers, fruits, perfect with a pasta and mussels or fish.

Very good quality and for this price really a good offer. 

Chardonnay  | Grillo  - Ninfea

Ninfea IGP 2015...

Price €15.00

Ninfea IGP 2015  Alcesti

is a blend from two perfect grape variety Chardonnay and the sicilian Grillo - made in steel and then refined for some month in oak wood barrels - deep yellow colour, perfect taste, very intense and with hints of vanilla, exotic fruits, flowers, good concentration in mouth with a long intense aromatic taste 

Etna Bianco Ginestra

Etna Bianco Ginestra...

Price €22.00

Etna Bianco Ginestra Doc 2020

Calcagno - a perfect white wine from the nord Etna ( Vulcano ) Calcagno are presenting a really Carricante from the old winery and the old bush tree cultivation - only a few tousend bottles produced every year and they are really fast sold out. Always if you can, try a bottle from the last year, it's worth. 

Inzolia Bio Di Legami

Inzolia 2020 organic...

Price €14.00

Inzolia 2019 organic wine Di Legami

this is for me one of the best white wines from Sicily. This Inzolia 

is so intense, fruits and white blossoms, a great wine from the north coast

Etna Bianco Murgo

Etna Bianco Doc 2020...

Price €13.00

Etna Bianco Doc 2020

from the winery Murgo is a blend from the original grape variety Carricante and Catarratto - a fresh white wine with a good acidity and you can taste the soil from the Mountain Etna, Lava Soil. It is the entry level for a really good Etna White wine. 

Heila Bianco Grecanico & Catarratto

Heila’ Grecanico...

Price €6.00

Heila’ Grecanico Catarratto Bio Doc Sicilia 2020 Alcesti

little family winery with some really good wine gardens around Marsala, the westsouth side of Sicily

this white wine, organic, is a blend from two perfect white grape varieties Grecanico and Catarratto - a perfect blend for a good dinner with fish, pasta and salads