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Mulinvecchio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Mulinvecchio- Vino...

Price €29.00

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2016 DOCG

Prugnolo Gentile  | Canaiolo Nero  | Colorino

Mulinvecchio a Cru vineyard location from Contucci in the Tuscany - it is made from the Sangiovese Grapes, and normally here the grape is called Prugnolo Gentile. Very smooth and tasty, deep wines, with a complex body. 

Rosso di Montepulciano Contucci

Rosso di...

Price €13.00

Rosso di Montepulciano 2018 Doc

Prugnolo Gentile | Canaiolo Nero | Colorino

from the winery Contucci Tuscany - Montepulciano - with the oldest family story in this little historical town - and the wines are very very good, every year with a lot of awards all over the world, like Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, Falstaff and much more

Nero d'Avola von Alcesti

Nero d’Avola Nesos...

Price €7.95

Nero d’Avola Nesos DOC 2017 Alcesti

100 % from this grape variety after the vintage 

refined first in stainless steel then in oak wood barrels

full bodied, fruity and tasty

750 ml bottle

Syrah Alcesti

Syrah DOC 2017 Alcesti

Price €8.50

Syrah DOC 2017 

Alcesti is a really good Syrah made only from this grapes - Syrah full bodied, smooth and with a long taste in the mouth, perfect for some cheese or ham, pasta or pizza - get this perfect Syrah for an incredible price. A quality that is really an offer 

S. Basilio Nero Riofavara

S. Basilio Nero...

Price €14.00

S. Basilio Nero d’Avola from Riofavara IGP   

from the original zone from the grape variety  Nero D’Avola - south Sicily Ispica, Pachino - very intense and deep colour but also in the mouth, very intense taste - remains very long aromatic - a little winery that makes the wines in the bush training - like a little tree - very limited production every year. 

Rosso di Bisaccia Cossentino

Rosso di Bisaccia IGP...

Price €9.00

Rosso di Bisaccia IGP Organic Wine

Cossentino Sicily made with the grapes of Syrah | Nero d'Avola | Merlot and refinded in oak barrels for almost 8 - 10 month - a very deep red colour and also very intense mouth feeling good pricing for a organic wine in this quality

Cabernet Sauvignon | Merlot | Syrah | Cabernet Franc

Miterre Doc Bolgheri...

Price €20.00

Miterre Doc Bolgheri 2018 

Campo al Noce | Tuscany for us one of best price quality ever - the little winery Campo al Noce and the owner Pier Luigi are doing well to make only about circa 60 000 bottles per year - this wine, the Miterre is a really outstanding redwine from Tuscany, Bolgheri - with the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot - Syrah and Cabernet Franc

a selection of the best grapes all hand picked - for about 12 month oak barrel refining and then also in the bottle before selling. The wine is a very full bodied redwine, deep and strong, intense hints of red fruit, leather, earth and very smooth tannins. 

Boccatone Montefalco Rosso...

Boccatone Montefalco...

Price €20.00

Boccatone Montefalco Rosso DOC 2015 Tabarrini

a very full bodied Sangiovese  | Cabernet Sauvignon | Barbera | Sagrantino - from Umbria - oak barrel aged - deep colour, intense nose, very long finish in the mouth - it is really a great Montefalco Rosso from a outstanding winery - Tabarrini and his owner Giampaolo. Highly Recommended

Etna Rosso

Etna Rosso DOP 2017...

Price €20.00

Etna Rosso DOP 2017 Tenute Bosco Etna

a very little winery from the northern Etna, in Passopisciaro. It is really one of the best places at the mountain to make good intensive and complex wines - if you try it, close your eyes and you will think you are drinking some wine from Burgundy, but not from the South Italy.

In this wine are the both original grape variety Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio , really a big player in the wine world, this Etna Rosso 

Etna Rosso Doc Martinella

Nerello Mascalese |...

Price €29.00

Martinella Etna Rosso Doc 2013

Vivera Sicily Here we are in the upper class of the Etna Rosso Red wine.

Vivera a family winery since some years in organic production - the two grape varieties are Nerello Mascalese | Nerello Cappuccio.

On the north side of the vulcano Etna in Linguaglossa are situated the wine gardens in a level till 900 Meters above sealeavel.

Sciavè Nero d’Avola IGP...

Sciavè Nero d’Avola...

Price €25.00

Sciave Nero d’Avola Riserva Riofavara 

This red wine is a very special one, because it is all in the bush training system in Ispica / Pachina, the south side of Sicily. From this wine the winery are making every year only some bottles, about circa 3000 - 4000, because is a very special selected wine.

Refining for a long time in oak barrels and after that for almost 1 year in the bottle - very deep red ruby colour - strong, intense and complex taste - for us one of the most interesting and intensive Nero d'Avola from this island Sicily. 

Narke Nero d'Avola & Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon &...

Price €15.00

Narke Cabernet Sauvignon & Nero d’Avola IGP 2015 Alcesti

this is a blend of two perfect grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon & Nero d'Avola - the zone for the wine gardens are Marsala on the soutwest Side of Sicily - Alcesti is a little familiy winery and the owner Gianfrance decided after a long time selling only the harvest to make the own bottles.

It was a good and great idear, because the wines are really good - This blend are refined in oak barrels to create the perfect moment to fill it to the bottle. A wine very smoothy, deep colour and tasty. Red fruits and a little bit of wood and vanilla.