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Gianduja Papa dei Boschi

Crema Gianduja...

Price €11.80

Crema Gianduja Nocciola IGP Piemont

Papa dei Boschi is for the breakfast a sweet creme that you never forget - it is so good, so intensive that you secure never had before - only the best products, like the IGP Nuts are used. Get this and you will never eat another breakfast creme. 

Cantuccini Toscani with...

Cantuccini Toscani...

Price €6.95

Cantuccini Toscani with almonds from  Siena  250 g a intense taste from the Tuscany, original like homemade from a little producer - taste it with a good cappuccino or also with a sweet wine like a Passito or a Vin Santo and get the Tuscany at home.

Panforte di Siena

Panforte di Siena IGP

Price €9.95

Panforte di Siena IGP

actually the Panforte is one of the best big cookies ever had - its so great wiht a glass of Vin Santo or dessert wine like a Passito or Moscato - a really taste of christmas, but not only in the christmas time. From a small producer in the heart of Tuscany. Try it, get it and you will never eat other stuff again. 

Fluffig weicher Panettone...

Fluffig weicher...

Price €25.00

Panettone tradizionale 1 kg 

Etna Dolce Sicily Ragalna 

so soft, very intense, the homemade Panettone is a perfect gift if you are invited by friends or family.

NO Palm Oil , this is very important - only the best ingredients are choosen from Etna Dolce.

with almonds , orange 

1 kg 

Panforte fichi

Panforte di Siena...

Price €9.95

Panforte with figs and nuts

very intense and soft flavour - this is christmas 

but not only for christmas you can try it, every single day it is a pleasure 

to get some with a good cup of tea or espresso

250 g 

Bacco Crema Pistacchio

Crema di Pistacchio...

Price €7.50

Creme Pistacchio from Bronte

that is a very intense and good creme for breakfast

so good and you must take care, because somebody at home will eat it all very quick 

sure !