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Murgo, oder auch Tenuta San Michele genannt, ist in Santa Venerina, am östlichen Ätna gelegen. 

Das Weingut hat lange Tradition und Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo ein Baron. Das blaue Blut 

hat hierdurch Verbindungen in ganz Italien. Die 11 Söhne sind fast alle im Weingut mit diversen

Tätigkeiten betraut. Einer macht das Agriturismo, das Restaurant, die Verkostungen, Export, Önologe, 

Landwirtschaft usw. Es ist ein Familienweingut im besonderen Sinne, setzt auf erneuerbare Energien

und dank einer klaren Vorstellung stetige Verbesserungen in der Qualität

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Etna Bianco Murgo

Etna Bianco Doc 2020...

Price €13.00

Etna Bianco Doc 2020

from the winery Murgo is a blend from the original grape variety Carricante and Catarratto - a fresh white wine with a good acidity and you can taste the soil from the Mountain Etna, Lava Soil. It is the entry level for a really good Etna White wine. 

Miele Arancio   Murgo

Honey Orange - Miele...

Price €6.90

Honey Orange  - Miele Arancio von Murgo

A really good honey for your breakfast - from the Etna region and the fine exclusive winery Murgo

You will love it, a perfect handmade product 

marmellata di Limoni

Jam di Lemon from Murgo

Price €6.95

Marmellata di Limoni 

This is real nature, from Sicily for the breakfast - lemon jam - and if you want get this for breakfast you are really in a lemon tree groove - it is so intense and fruity, lightly bitter, a great jam for breakfast and also cookies. All without additives and conservation products.

Gelsi Neri Confettura Murgo

Jam Mulberry - Gelsi...

Price €6.95

Confettura Jam Mulberry Murgo 

This Jam from the mulberry tree is one of the best jams ever ! You can taste it, and you will note that is so intensive, perfect for a special breakfast. Here in Sicily in the summer they are making a Icecream with this mulberry and it is delicious. 

All made without other products for conservation or additives 

Murgo Olivenöl extra vergine

Murgo Olive oil extra...

Price €15.00

Murgo Olio EVO 500 ml Nocellara dell’Etna 

it is one of the best oils from the mountain Etna, only from the variety Nocellara dell Etna - very intensive - a perfect oil to refine some special plate, some pasta but also on a pizza it is perfect 

Murgo Spumante Rose

Murgo Spumante Brut...

Price €20.00

Murgo Spumante Brut Rose Metodo Classico 2018 Etna

a sparkeling wine, made with the red wine grape Nerello Mascalese - refining in the bottle with the yeast ( sur lies ) about 36 month like the campagner method - its really one of the best impressing sparkeling wine in this price range

you must search really a long time in France to get something similiar. One of the best sparkeling wines we ever had and drunk. The wine gardens are all on the vulcano hill side ( east side ) Santa Venerina.

Murgo Spumante Brut Metodo Classico

Murgo Spumante Metodo...

Price €18.00

Murgo Spumante Brut Metodo Classico 2017 Etna Eastside

The winery is a really old one in Sicilia situated on the east side of the mountain vulcano Etna - here the spumante metodo classico is made in the sparkeling method like Champagner in France.

Made with the red wine grapes Nerello Mascalese - its a Blanc de Noir - Refinded in the bottle with yeasts about 24 month - a very intense perfume and minerality and acidity.

Creamy in the mouth, long finish. Great bottle of sparkeling wine, and if you close your eyes, you'll never immagine, that its produced on this Island 

Olive verdi e capperi Murgo
  • -40%

Pate green olives...

Regular price €6.95 -40% Price €4.17

Pate green olives with cappers

for a perfect antipasti with some good italian bread - or also if you want with some good pasta. Get it and try it out, your friends will love it. 

Cabernet Sauvignon Murgo

Tenuta San Michele...

Price €20.00

Tenuta San Michele Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Murgo 

is a selection of the best grapes from the winery and the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes - its aged about 12 month in french oak wood and some few month in the bottle - you will get a very deep coloured Cabernet Sauvignon from the lava soils on the east side of the vulcano.

A good minerality and acidity. Very smooth and pleasent tannins