Ein leckeres Pesto darf beim italienischen Abend nicht fehlen. Die besten Grundzutaten werden hier auf Sizilien, vollreif verarbeitet und kommen in Form von Pesto auf Ihren Tisch. Die perfekte Ergänzung mit einer hochwertigen Nudel, am Besten noch die vom Ätna und dem sizilianischen Korn 

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Pesto dell'Etna Murgo

Pesto dell’Etna from Sicily

Price €6.50

Pesto dell’Etna

Baglio Antica Sicilia - it is a really hot pesto for noodles and you or your friends are really enjoying it, because you can smell and you can feel it while eating - it is not with this strong acid taste, thanks to the best ingredients used - original from Sicily the Mount Etna

Pesto di pistacchio
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Pesto Pistacchio Elite 200 g Sicily

Price €9.95

Pistazienpesto Elite 200 g Bacco 

you will like this pesto ! You should try this pesto with pistacchios - make an italian dinner with friends, and we will send you also a recipe for this special plate - try it with a good sicilian redwine, and you will be the friend of all your guests, trust us. 

A perfect product with 80 % Pistacchio, Salt, Pepper and good olive oil - there are no additives or conservation products used. 

Pesto Rosso Salemi Pina

Pesto Rosso Siciliano - Salemi Pina Organic

Price €6.80

Red Pesto Rosso Siciliano - Salemi Pina Organic

get a perfect tasty organic vegan pesto from Sicily, Syrakusa - all only with the best fresh ingredients and without any conservation products and additives ! Made with sundried tomatos, olive oil, almonds and spices.

Pesto Barocco

Pesto Barocco - red pesto from the south side of Sicily

Price €6.95

Pesto Barocco Siciliano 

if you like a really strong tomato pesto, sundried tomatoes, cheese Ragusano DOP only from the southside, olive oil and a lot of love to create a dish like this - get your south Sicily taste at home - try it with your friends and guests - open a bottle of Nero d'Avola or a Etna Bianco to accompany this perfect pasta plate - all fresh without conservation products or additives

Pesto alla Siciliana

Pesto alla Siciliana - Basil | cheese from lambs |sundried tomatoes

Price €6.95

Pesto alla Siciliana

is a fresh perfect pesto with basil, cheese from lambs and sundried tomatoes - get it for a perfect sicilian dish - try it with your friends at home, get the vacation and the Sicilian taste in your house - open a good bottle Sicilian wine and try it - your friends and guests will like it - all without conservation products and additives. 

Pesto Carrettiera

Pesto Carrettiera - red pesto for pasta

Price €5.95

Pesto Carrettiera - red pesto for pasta

its a original red tasty spicy pesto from Sicily with sundried tomatoes, olives and chilli pepper - very tasty perfect for all lovers of a good pasta plate - get it with perfect spaghetti from Sicily - open a good bottle of wine, like a Grillo, Catarratto or a Zibibbo, your friends will like it. All made with fresh products and without conservation products and additives

Pesto Pasta

Spaghetti & Pesto Rosso Red Sicily

Price €7.00

Perfect combination Spaghetti and Red Pesto from Sicily 

very tasty, intense. The pasta is from a little producer, family company near Mount Etna 

without any additives or preservatives used