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Pesto di pistacchio
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Pesto Pistacchio...

Price €9.95

Pistazienpesto Elite 200 g Bacco 

you will like this pesto ! You should try this pesto with pistacchios - make an italian dinner with friends, and we will send you also a recipe for this special plate - try it with a good sicilian redwine, and you will be the friend of all your guests, trust us. 

A perfect product with 80 % Pistacchio, Salt, Pepper and good olive oil - there are no additives or conservation products used. 

Pesto Barocco

Pesto Barocco - red...

Price €6.95

Pesto Barocco Siciliano 

if you like a really strong tomato pesto, sundried tomatoes, cheese Ragusano DOP only from the southside, olive oil and a lot of love to create a dish like this - get your south Sicily taste at home - try it with your friends and guests - open a bottle of Nero d'Avola or a Etna Bianco to accompany this perfect pasta plate - all fresh without conservation products or additives

Pesto alla Siciliana

Pesto alla Siciliana...

Price €6.95

Pesto alla Siciliana

is a fresh perfect pesto with basil, cheese from lambs and sundried tomatoes - get it for a perfect sicilian dish - try it with your friends at home, get the vacation and the Sicilian taste in your house - open a good bottle Sicilian wine and try it - your friends and guests will like it - all without conservation products and additives. 

Pesto Carrettiera

Pesto Carrettiera -...

Price €5.95

Pesto Carrettiera - red pesto for pasta

its a original red tasty spicy pesto from Sicily with sundried tomatoes, olives and chilli pepper - very tasty perfect for all lovers of a good pasta plate - get it with perfect spaghetti from Sicily - open a good bottle of wine, like a Grillo, Catarratto or a Zibibbo, your friends will like it. All made with fresh products and without conservation products and additives