Antipasti, italienische Antipasti sind beliebt und wer erinnert sich nicht gerne an die tollen Abende in Italien mit Vorspeisen und einem guten Glas Wein.

Italien von Nord nach Süd ist von Antipasti gesegnet, ob mit Fisch, Fleisch oder Gemüse, einfach genial.

Eingelegte Oliven, Caponata, Peperonata, gegrillte Zucchini oder Auberginen, kleine Kirschpaprika mit Thunfisch gefüllt und und und.... da bleiben keine Wünsche offen.

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Peperonata Siciliana
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Peperonata Siciliana Antipasto Siciliano

Price €8.50

Peperonata Siciliana  

Antipasto from Sicily - only the best and fresh ingredients are in this appetizer and you will make a really good figure with your friends and guests - really intense taste of fresh vegetables, olives and perfect with a good italian bread

Caponata Siciliana

Caponata Rusticana 280 g appetizer

Price €7.95

Caponata Palermitana the real one !  

this is the original and perfect starter for a really good original italian evening - get some friends put it on the table and try it with a good italian bread, lightly warm - get it with a really good white or red wine from Sicily like a Grillo o Nero d'Avola - for us one of the best starter in a good italian evening - try it , you will never get another taste like this. Only perfect fresh products used, No conservation products or additives used. 

Carciofini Siciliani

Carciofini Siciliani in olio

Price €7.80

Carciofini Siciliani in olio 

extremely fine and soft artichokes in olive oil

280 g from a little producer in the Mount Etna region. Without any additives or preservatives products. 

perfect for a good Italian Dinner with friends 

Patè sundried tomatoes with black olives from Murgo

Patè sundried tomatoes with black olives from Murgo

Price €6.95

Sundried tomatoes with black olives 

Its a really great perfect tasty starter creme for a good italian bread - try it also with a Spaghetti pasta, lightly warmed up and the pasta in the pan - you will like it - very excellent creme all without conservation products and additives. 

Winetasting Sicilia

Sicilian Dinner for 6 person with 5 wines - antipasti & pasta

Price €99.00

Wintasting Sicily with friends

An Sicilian Evening with friends, that would be great - no problem.

It’s easy and you can do it at home ! You will get 5 wines a lot of antipasti and pasta with a perfect sauce from Sicily - the description of the wines and food products.

Then you get a note for the degustation and cooking, so it’s a perfect eventing with 6 persons at home. The complete evening parcel for only 99 Euro + shipping von 7,95 Euro ( per parcel )

Jocu di Focu Antipasti

Jocu di Focu Antipasto Sicily

Price €7.50

Jocu di Focu - very intense and spicy starter

with Peperoncini, little tomatoes, cappers, origano, anchovis, olive oil extra vergine, wine passito 

Without preservatives or additives