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Peperonata Siciliana
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Peperonata Siciliana...

Price €8.50

Peperonata Siciliana  

Antipasto from Sicily - only the best and fresh ingredients are in this appetizer and you will make a really good figure with your friends and guests - really intense taste of fresh vegetables, olives and perfect with a good italian bread

Caponata Siciliana

Caponata Rusticana...

Price €7.95

Caponata Palermitana the real one !  

this is the original and perfect starter for a really good original italian evening - get some friends put it on the table and try it with a good italian bread, lightly warm - get it with a really good white or red wine from Sicily like a Grillo o Nero d'Avola - for us one of the best starter in a good italian evening - try it , you will never get another taste like this. Only perfect fresh products used, No conservation products or additives used. 

Carciofini Siciliani

Carciofini Siciliani...

Price €7.80

Carciofini Siciliani in olio 

extremely fine and soft artichokes in olive oil

280 g from a little producer in the Mount Etna region. Without any additives or preservatives products. 

perfect for a good Italian Dinner with friends 

Ciappa dried tomato from...

Ciappa dried tomato...

Price €5.90

You should try it here in Sicily, but if you can’t do it by this way - original tasty and intense - you can use it for a antipasti starter buffet, with some bread but also you can create your own pesto or sauce for the pasta - the product is from Sicily with perfect original tomatoes from here.

Green Olives from Sicily

Green Olives from Sicily

Price €5.95

Green Olives from Sicily with the stone, and in olive oil with carrots, celery and garlic - so tasty, so great to eat, you must do a special evening with friends and they will love it, Perfect product from Sicily 

Patè sundried tomatoes with black olives from Murgo

Patè sundried...

Price €6.95

Sundried tomatoes with black olives 

Its a really great perfect tasty starter creme for a good italian bread - try it also with a Spaghetti pasta, lightly warmed up and the pasta in the pan - you will like it - very excellent creme all without conservation products and additives. 

Winetasting Sicilia

Sicilian Dinner for 6...

Price €99.00

Wintasting Sicily with friends

An Sicilian Evening with friends, that would be great - no problem.

It’s easy and you can do it at home ! You will get 5 wines a lot of antipasti and pasta with a perfect sauce from Sicily - the description of the wines and food products.

Then you get a note for the degustation and cooking, so it’s a perfect eventing with 6 persons at home. The complete evening parcel for only 99 Euro + shipping von 7,95 Euro ( per parcel )

Vegetables grilled in Oil...

Vegetables grilled in...

Price €4.95

Tris di Verdure grigliate - Vegetables grilled in Oil from Sicily

perfect for a dinner with friends, you must buy only fresh bread 

for this special vegetables 

Caponata di Melanzane...

Caponata di Melanzane...

Price €5.90

Homemade Antipasti from Sicily, with eggplants, zucchini and peperoni, almonds, green olives , so great product for a antipasti dinner like in Sicily 

Jocu di Focu Antipasti

Jocu di Focu...

Price €7.50

Jocu di Focu - very intense and spicy starter

with Peperoncini, little tomatoes, cappers, origano, anchovis, olive oil extra vergine, wine passito 

Without preservatives or additives