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Crostini Toscano

Crostini Toscano 180...

Price €7.95

Crostini Toscano 

Caccia e Corte Tuscany

for all Tuscany lovers ;-) get your starter, a perfect one from Italy - homemade, tasty, intense - and try it with a really good redwine maybe from the Mountain Etna like a Etna Rosso from Tornatore, Murgo or Vivera. 

Bruschetta con zucchini

Creme with zucchini...

Price €5.95

Creme with zucchini organic

Creme with zucchini organic Bio Salemi Pina is a special creme homemade with only fresh zucchini all organic. It is perfect with pasta but also on a hot italian bread, so tasty, great for an appetizzer starter. 

Crema eggplants Bio

Crema eggplants Bio...

Price €5.95

Crema di Melanzane for  Bruschetta  

Salemi Pina Organic  is a healty product produced only with the best fresh ingredients from Sicily - Eggplant Creme you can use for a good tasty pasta but also for some good italian bread, lightly warm.

A perfect starter for a special italian evening with friends. The perfect thing is, the product doesn't have any conservation or additives only nature ! 

Crema Tonno pomodoro secco

Creme of fine thuna...

Price €6.90

Creme with thuna and dryied tomatos

Delicious creme with Tuna and sundried tomatos - all with the best and fresh ingredients like homemade - you can make a good starter with a italien bread and also a perfect pasta. Without conservation products and additives.

Tonno con Arancia
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Creme fine thuna with...

Price €5.95

Creme with fine tuna and oranges from Sicily

only the best fresh ingredients are used. All without conservation products and additives. You can make a perfect starter with a good italian bread but also a real tasty pasta. 

olive nere e pomodoro secco

Black olives with...

Price €5.95

Patè di olive nere con pomdoro secco   

black olives with dryied tomatos for a perfect starter with good italian white bread, try it right now in the summer on the balcony or in the garden with your friends. All products are fresh and without conservation products and additives. Only nature ! 

Pate di Peperoncini

Pate di Peperoncini -...

Price €5.95

Pate di Peperoncini - Chilli Pepper Hot 

for all people that loves a really hot dish, but attention, its really hot, because its made with 100 % chilli peppers from Sicily , the little ones.

You can use it pure or only to create your plate with a sauce. 

Olive verdi e capperi Murgo

Pate green olives...

Price €6.95

Pate green olives with cappers

for a perfect antipasti with some good italian bread - or also if you want with some good pasta. Get it and try it out, your friends will love it. 

Patè sundried tomatoes with black olives from Murgo

Patè sundried...

Price €6.95

Sundried tomatoes with black olives 

Its a really great perfect tasty starter creme for a good italian bread - try it also with a Spaghetti pasta, lightly warmed up and the pasta in the pan - you will like it - very excellent creme all without conservation products and additives. 

Patè green olives with almonds

Patè green olives...

Price €6.95

Patè green olives with almonds

are very good for some good italian bread but also for a good pasta - try it out - make some good diner with friends, they will love it - all without conservation products or additives.