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Burro Tartufo Umbria

Butter with black...

Price €8.00

Burro con tartufo nero 5 % -  butter with fine black truffels 5 % from Umbria

very intensive taste of black truffels, perfect for a pasta like the Tajarin from Piemont or you can create a very special tasty plate with a good piece of meat like a irish angus steak barbecue. Get it with a bottle from Campo al Noce like the Miterre Doc Bolgheri or a Montefalco Rosso from Tabarrini.  

Salsa Tartufata 5 %

Salsa Tartufata 5 %...

Price €7.50

Salsa Tartufata 5 %  Umbria

Black Truffels  creme perfect for the pasta like Tagliolini and Tajarin

also for meat, lamm, and to create a perfect sauce 

Crema Parmigiano Tartufo

Crema di Parmigiano...

Price €7.90

Crema di Parmigiano Reggiano with white truffels  from Umbria 130 g

its so good with a italian white bread, lightly warm or you can create a really tasty good special sauce for pasta or meat. Try it out, its a very special product from Umbria, where are the big woods are giving the perfect habitat for the truffels.