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olive nere e pomodoro secco

Black olives with...

Price €5.95

Patè di olive nere con pomdoro secco   

black olives with dryied tomatos for a perfect starter with good italian white bread, try it right now in the summer on the balcony or in the garden with your friends. All products are fresh and without conservation products and additives. Only nature ! 

Caponata Siciliana

Caponata Rusticana...

Price €7.95

Caponata Palermitana the real one !  

this is the original and perfect starter for a really good original italian evening - get some friends put it on the table and try it with a good italian bread, lightly warm - get it with a really good white or red wine from Sicily like a Grillo o Nero d'Avola - for us one of the best starter in a good italian evening - try it , you will never get another taste like this. Only perfect fresh products used, No conservation products or additives used. 

Carciofini Siciliani

Carciofini Siciliani...

Price €7.80

Carciofini Siciliani in olio 

extremely fine and soft artichokes in olive oil

280 g from a little producer in the Mount Etna region. Without any additives or preservatives products. 

perfect for a good Italian Dinner with friends 

Pate di Peperoncini

Pate di Peperoncini -...

Price €5.95

Pate di Peperoncini - Chilli Pepper Hot 

for all people that loves a really hot dish, but attention, its really hot, because its made with 100 % chilli peppers from Sicily , the little ones.

You can use it pure or only to create your plate with a sauce. 

Peperonata Siciliana
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Peperonata Siciliana...

Price €8.50

Peperonata Siciliana  

Antipasto from Sicily - only the best and fresh ingredients are in this appetizer and you will make a really good figure with your friends and guests - really intense taste of fresh vegetables, olives and perfect with a good italian bread

Pesto alla Siciliana

Pesto alla Siciliana...

Price €6.95

Pesto alla Siciliana

is a fresh perfect pesto with basil, cheese from lambs and sundried tomatoes - get it for a perfect sicilian dish - try it with your friends at home, get the vacation and the Sicilian taste in your house - open a good bottle Sicilian wine and try it - your friends and guests will like it - all without conservation products and additives. 

Pesto Barocco

Pesto Barocco - red...

Price €6.95

Pesto Barocco Siciliano 

if you like a really strong tomato pesto, sundried tomatoes, cheese Ragusano DOP only from the southside, olive oil and a lot of love to create a dish like this - get your south Sicily taste at home - try it with your friends and guests - open a bottle of Nero d'Avola or a Etna Bianco to accompany this perfect pasta plate - all fresh without conservation products or additives

Ragu Nebrodi

Ragu Nebrodi -...

Price €10.00

Ragu Nebrodi - Pastasauce from the national park  Nebrodi Sicily 

it is a very intense and tasty noodle pasta sauce, thanks to the wild pig from the national park Nebrodi - the pigs are all outside in the wood and hills for about at least 24-26 month.

Only fresh and good ingredients are used to make this sauce, and all without conservation products and additives. For all people that loves italian food and italian pasta. 

La Norma Sugo

Sauce alla Norma with...

Price €5.95

Sauce alla Norma with eggplants

homemade with fresh products from Sicily - the eggplants are so tasty so great to try - and open a bottle of really good sicilian wine an be happy - make your original italian sicilian evening at home with friends - all products are made without conservation products and additives. Pure nature

Sugo Montanaro

Sauce Montanaro with...

Price €5.95

Sauce Montanaro with porcini mushrooms

who likes a tasty intense sauce with porcini mushrooms, try it with a really good Pappardelle or an perfect Rigatoni - Paccheri - open a good red wine from Sicily and cook for friends - you will have a perfect italian evening at home.

All made with fresh products and without conservation products and additives.

Sugo Schiticchio

Schiticchio -...

Price €7.90

Schiticchio - homemade sauce with fresh tomatoes and thuna 280g

This sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, cappers, tuna, salt pepper and olive oil. Its so delicious and tasty, try it out with friends, get a god bottle of wine, like a Zibibbo and open it - you will be the friend of all guest, trust me. All made without conservation products and additives.