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Gelsi Neri Confettura Murgo

Jam Mulberry - Gelsi...

Price €6.95

Confettura Jam Mulberry Murgo 

This Jam from the mulberry tree is one of the best jams ever ! You can taste it, and you will note that is so intensive, perfect for a special breakfast. Here in Sicily in the summer they are making a Icecream with this mulberry and it is delicious. 

All made without other products for conservation or additives 

marmellata di Limoni

Jam di Lemon from Murgo

Price €6.95

Marmellata di Limoni 

This is real nature, from Sicily for the breakfast - lemon jam - and if you want get this for breakfast you are really in a lemon tree groove - it is so intense and fruity, lightly bitter, a great jam for breakfast and also cookies. All without additives and conservation products.