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Grillo DOC 2019 Alcesti - Organic Wine

Price €7.90

Grillo DOC 2017  Alcesti - Organic Wine  from a little winery from Marsala - in the past the winery sold all the grapes to the big companys around, but the sun did decide, that he wants to fill the own wines in bottles, and this with success - since 2005 we know the winery and we can confirm that every year the wines are better. Great company with organic wines and perfect prices

Grillo DOC Cossentino Biowein

Price €9.90

Grillo Doc Cossentino organic winery from the north coast

100 % Grillo, the real white grape variety from Sicily - very fresh, fruity and perfect for some pasta plate with fresh fish

intense and complex

Sicilian Dinner for 6 person with 5 wines - antipasti & pasta

Price €99.00

An Sicilian Evening with friends, that would be great - no problem.  It’s easy and you can do it at home ! 

You will get 5 wines a lot of antipasti and pasta with a perfect sauce from Sicily - the description of the wines and food products. Then you get a note for the degustation and cooking, so it’s a perfect eventing with 6 persons at home.

The complete evening parcel for only   99 Euro + shipping von 7,95 Euro ( per parcel )