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Spaghetti Pasta Sicilia
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Spaghetti 100 % wheat...

Price €3.50

Original Spaghetti from Sicily, the Best producer near Mount Etna 

Spaghetti 100 % Sicily produced only with wheat from this island Sicily - the taste is very special and during cooking you can actually smell the grain perfumes in the kitchen. Very good consistency and your pasta dish is a really special one. 

Pesto di pistacchio
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Pesto Pistacchio...

Price €10.00

Pistazienpesto Elite 200 g Bacco 

you will like this pesto ! You should try this pesto with pistacchios - make an italian dinner with friends, and we will send you also a recipe for this special plate - try it with a good sicilian redwine, and you will be the friend of all your guests, trust us. 

A perfect product with 80 % Pistacchio, Salt, Pepper and good olive oil - there are no additives or conservation products used. 

Nero d'Avola von Alcesti

Nero d’Avola Nesos...

Price €7.95

Nero d’Avola Nesos DOC 2017 Alcesti

100 % from this grape variety after the vintage 

refined first in stainless steel then in oak wood barrels

full bodied, fruity and tasty

750 ml bottle

Linguine Sicilia Pasta

Linguine 100 % only...

Price €3.50

Original Linguine from Sicily 

Linguine 100 % only wheat from Sicily - the taste and the odor is very special, a great pasta plate is guaranteed - 500 g - buy it directly with a good pasta sauce, maybe like the deer or wild boar sauce and you can make your perfect italian dinner. 

Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate 100 %...

Price €3.50

Penne Rigate

100 % wheat from Sicily 500 g - only the best wheat, fresh water and a lot of experience are for this pasta - get it and you will really see that difference and also taste the difference, from a extraordinary pasta. 

Heila Rosso Nero d'Avola & Perricone

Heila’ Rosso Nero...

Price €6.00

Heila’ Rosso Nero d’Avola & Perricone organic Doc Sicilia 

Alcesti, from this little family winery it is the basic entry level - perfect blend from this two grape varieties - smooth, tasty, good balanced, perfect in the mouth and also perfect to get it with a plate of good pasta, starter or even with friends 

Caserecce Pasta

Caserecce 100 %...

Price €3.50

Caserecce 100 %  wheat from Sicily 

the best wheat, fresh water from the mountain Etna ( vulcano ) and a lot of experience are in thes pasta - really a great product and after you tasted it one time, you will never buy another one, trust me...

Murgo Olivenöl extra vergine

Murgo Olive oil extra...

Price €15.00

Murgo Olio EVO 500 ml Nocellara dell’Etna 

it is one of the best oils from the mountain Etna, only from the variety Nocellara dell Etna - very intensive - a perfect oil to refine some special plate, some pasta but also on a pizza it is perfect 

Tajarin Noodles Pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa
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Tajarin Noodles Pasta...

Price €5.50

Tajarin Noodles Pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa

very tasty fine pasta noodles from one of the best producers for egg noodles in Italy - Marco Giacosa - this pasta is perfect with a really strong intense sauce like wild boar or deer - get it directly in the shop with one of these sauces and you will have a perfect italian dinner with somebody

Busiate Pasta Sizilien

Busiate Pasta from...

Price €3.95

Finest Pasta from Sicily

This pasta, Busiate, is from the Trapani area - a homemade pasta like a very thick spaghetti

perfect for a good plate with mussels or a fish dish.

500 g from a very intense and tasty noodle - pasta only made with 100 % sicilian wheat 

no conservation products or additives used ! 


Fusilli 100 % wheat...

Price €3.50

Best Pasta from Sicily Fusilli 

Fusilli 100 % wheat from Sicily for a perfect plate and a special taste - this pasta is made with only the best fresh water from the mountain Etna (Vulcano ) and wheat from Sicily and a lot of experience.