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Spaghetti Pasta Sicilia
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Spaghetti 100 % wheat...

Price €3.50

Original Spaghetti from Sicily, the Best producer near Mount Etna 

Spaghetti 100 % Sicily produced only with wheat from this island Sicily - the taste is very special and during cooking you can actually smell the grain perfumes in the kitchen. Very good consistency and your pasta dish is a really special one. 

Pesto di pistacchio
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Pesto Pistacchio...

Price €9.95

Pistazienpesto Elite 200 g Bacco 

you will like this pesto ! You should try this pesto with pistacchios - make an italian dinner with friends, and we will send you also a recipe for this special plate - try it with a good sicilian redwine, and you will be the friend of all your guests, trust us. 

A perfect product with 80 % Pistacchio, Salt, Pepper and good olive oil - there are no additives or conservation products used. 

Nero d'Avola von Alcesti

Nero d’Avola Nesos...

Price €7.95

Nero d’Avola Nesos DOC 2017 Alcesti

100 % from this grape variety after the vintage 

refined first in stainless steel then in oak wood barrels

full bodied, fruity and tasty

750 ml bottle

Linguine Sicilia Pasta

Linguine 100 % only...

Price €3.50

Original Linguine from Sicily 

Linguine 100 % only wheat from Sicily - the taste and the odor is very special, a great pasta plate is guaranteed - 500 g - buy it directly with a good pasta sauce, maybe like the deer or wild boar sauce and you can make your perfect italian dinner. 

Heila Rosso Nero d'Avola & Perricone

Heila’ Rosso Nero...

Price €6.00

Heila’ Rosso Nero d’Avola & Perricone organic Doc Sicilia 

Alcesti, from this little family winery it is the basic entry level - perfect blend from this two grape varieties - smooth, tasty, good balanced, perfect in the mouth and also perfect to get it with a plate of good pasta, starter or even with friends 

Murgo Olivenöl extra vergine

Murgo Olive oil extra...

Price €15.00

Murgo Olio EVO 500 ml Nocellara dell’Etna 

it is one of the best oils from the mountain Etna, only from the variety Nocellara dell Etna - very intensive - a perfect oil to refine some special plate, some pasta but also on a pizza it is perfect 

Penne Rigate

Penne Rigate 100 %...

Price €3.50

Penne Rigate

100 % wheat from Sicily 500 g - only the best wheat, fresh water and a lot of experience are for this pasta - get it and you will really see that difference and also taste the difference, from a extraordinary pasta. 

Tajarin Noodles Pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa
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Tajarin Noodles Pasta...

Price €5.50

Tajarin Noodles Pasta from Piemont Marco Giacosa

very tasty fine pasta noodles from one of the best producers for egg noodles in Italy - Marco Giacosa - this pasta is perfect with a really strong intense sauce like wild boar or deer - get it directly in the shop with one of these sauces and you will have a perfect italian dinner with somebody

Caserecce Pasta

Caserecce 100 %...

Price €3.50

Caserecce 100 %  wheat from Sicily 

the best wheat, fresh water from the mountain Etna ( vulcano ) and a lot of experience are in thes pasta - really a great product and after you tasted it one time, you will never buy another one, trust me...

Etna Bianco Murgo

Etna Bianco Doc 2020...

Price €13.00

Etna Bianco Doc 2020

from the winery Murgo is a blend from the original grape variety Carricante and Catarratto - a fresh white wine with a good acidity and you can taste the soil from the Mountain Etna, Lava Soil. It is the entry level for a really good Etna White wine. 

Thunfisch Filet

Tonno filet tuna 300...

Price €10.00

Tonno filet tuna from Sicily 

Drago a great family producer from Syracusa, homemade Tuna filet in Olive oil - try it on the pizza, with pasta and also with a good italian bread, you will never buy another tuna again. Trust me.

Grillo Alcesti
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Grillo DOC 2020...

Price €7.90

Grillo DOC 2020 Alcesti - Organic Wine

from a little winery from Marsala - in the past the winery sold all the grapes to the big companys around, but the sun did decide, that he wants to fill the own wines in bottles, and this with success - since 2005 we know the winery and we can confirm that every year the wines are better.

Great company with organic wines and perfect prices