Pasta con Sarde

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Busiate Pasta Sicilia
Busiate Pasta from Trapani

This pasta is made only 100 % with wheat from Sicily. The old sorts are better for the body.

At the moment, you open up the packaging, you will smell the wheat like it's grained at this moment.  Perfect consistence during cooking 

You never will eat another type of pasta! ​
3,95 EUR
7,90 EUR per kg
Thunfisch Minze
11,95 EUR
59,75 EUR per kg
Pesto Basilico
Basil Pesto for Pasta Sicily 

From a family producer, like homemade. Very intense basil taste, only with best olive oil cold extracted seeds from pines, salt and pepper and sunflower oil. 

With the authentic pasta from Sicily, Wow, perfect. 

6,00 EUR
33,33 EUR per kg
Pesto Pistacchio
Pesto di Pistacchio 

So great pesto from Bronte, the original area for the green pistachio from Sicily. 

Only the best pistachio with oil, salt and pepper. For a perfect taste, use the best pasta from Sicily.
9,50 EUR
50,00 EUR per kg